ECOTITE™ SJ pour in place foam is a two component high density expanding thermo set polyurethane resin system formulated for the under sealing, void filling & lifting of settled concrete, the stabilizing & stiffening of weak soils, and for the encapsulation & sealing of buried infrastructure.

ECOTITE™ SJ coupled with minimally invasive slabjacking injection technique achieves repairs without the necessity of excavation or demolition.

When compared to other solutions, such as mud jacking, grout injection, or grinding, there is no comparison. ECOTITE™ SJ slab jacking foam delivers faster, more stable and more cost effective solutions.

6 – 8 lb.

Core Density

> 90%

Closed Cell Content

< 2%

Water Absorption

Key Features

Available in 6.0 or 8.0 lb. densities.

Superior expansive properties enable better void fills and soil compression.

90% faster than competitive solutions.

Lightweight (less than 5% of comparable quantity of cement or grout) - reduces the risk of overburden on already distressed soil.

Up to 75% less than slab replacement cost.

Environmentally neutral and inert cured material, does not contribute to soil or water contamination.

Typical Applications

Residential, commercial, industrial and institutional Slab Jacking.

Soil Stabilization.

Concrete Lifting.

Infrastructure and Foundation Repair.

Void Filling.

Bridge Approaches.

Spray Equipment

This product is designed to be sprayed with a plural component spray machine. If you’re thinking about getting into spray foam insulation, do it right. Graco’s complete line of Reactor equipment gives you the reliable performance your company demands. Don’t settle for anything less.

MSDS & Spec Sheets

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