When it comes to insulation no competing product can compare to the features of spray foam.

Spray foam is a high quality product that is the best insulating material on the market today. It is sprayed in place and expands immediately after being applied, to fill in all voids, gaps, and cracks.

Spray foam insulation meets the latest demand trends for energy-efficiency and green construction. Unsurpassed air barrier and high R-value gives spray foam a distinct advantage over other insulating products, providing homeowner’s financial savings of 40% or more off of their heating and cooling bills.

Wall racking strength also increases to up to three times stronger than with conventional insulation in framed walls and with the restriction in air movement and moisture accumulation, the possibility of mold growth is extremely unlikely.

brand-ufcGaco Spray Foam

Spray Foam Benefits

Seals and insulates in one step — simplifying the building process

Applies seamlessly

Uses no fasteners, yet adheres to surfaces

Fills hard-to-reach areas

May allow you to reduce the size of the HVAC unit

Can help qualify for LEED credits and is part of an ENERGYSTAR home

Helps comply with applicable building codes

Installed by trained, certified contractors

Available in both open and closed cell formulations — to meet all your construction needs

Typical Applications

New Residential Construction — Stud Walls | Rim Joists | Crawl Spaces | Truss Ends | Gables | Dormers | Attics

Residential Remodeling or Retrofit — Under Floors | In Crawl Spaces | In Non-Insulated Walls | Add to Previously Insulated | Basement Stud-Walls | Attics

Commercial — Interiors | Schools | Warehouses | Metal Buildings | Office Buildings

Industrial — Trucking | Refrigeration | Plants or Manufacturing Facilities

Special Applications — Sealing and Insulating HVAC Ductwork | Noise Abatement | Air Infiltration Barrier

Equipment & Supplies

Pinnacle’s complete line of equipment gives you the reliable performance your company demands. Don’t settle for anything less.


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