Coatings Overview

Coatings that meet the toughest challenges

Elastomeric coatings have longer life spans, higher performance and lower maintenance costs than traditional alternatives.


Z-2 IRONLINE provides superior high-level chemical resistance and protection against impact, abrasion and corrosion for maximum protection at a great price.


Z-3 HYBRID provides a cost-effective, environmentally sound solution to commercial and industrial applications where maximum corrosion and abrasion protection is required.


Z-3 MAX is specifically formulated for extreme outdoor conditions and colder substrate applications. It is a fast-set lining with superior hardness and elongation.


X-1 FLEXGRIP has excellent impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance, and provides a high level of skid resistance, sound deadening, and vibration absorption.


Z-7 HARDCOAT delivers superior stiffness and corrosion resistance. It forms a seamless, monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance


Z-7 CHEM-PRO is a chemical-resistant formulation, with the highest amount of molecular cross-linking in its formulation it remains stable in a variety of applications.


ECOTITE™ APC is a fast set, rapid curing aluminized polyurea lining for commercial and industrial roofing applications, contains UV stabilizers for enhanced UV stability.

Z-5 UV

Z-5 UV is based on aliphatic chemistry which has excellent color and gloss stability. An ideal coating for applications that require a UV-stable, high-gloss finish.


FASTFLOOR is a two-component, rapid curing, hybrid polyaspartic coating system designed as a decorative yet durable coating for commercial and industrial flooring.

Pinnacle Has You Covered

Pinnacle’s selection of elastomeric industrial coatings are designed to meet a variety of coating challenges. Whether it is a coating solution to withstand saltwater and electrical current, or bridge coating for waterproofing and corrosion resistance, Pinnacle has industrial coatings that meet the toughest challenges.

Traditional industrial coating solutions such as paint or powder coating are cosmetic in nature when compared to the value that elastomeric coatings provide.

Elastomeric coatings have longer life spans, higher performance and lower maintenance costs than traditional alternatives. This leads to longer project life, and a significantly lower lifecycle costs. They may be easily applied to a wide range of materials including; metal, wood, concrete, masonry, floatation foams and more.

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