ECOTITE™ DB ditch break foam is the best option for the diversion and control of water in sub-surface environments. Specially developed for pipeline and other below grade applications.

It is a closed cell rigid foam with a density of 1.7 lbs/ft³. ECOTITE™ DB utilizes an all water blown blowing agent and has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and zero Greenhouse Warming Potential (GWP).

1.7 lb.

Core Density

200 kPa

Compressive Strength

450 kPa

Tensile Strength

Key Features

Has high structural & compressive strength providing strong inter-layer adhesion.

Water blown foam producing low heat generation during application.

Allows ditch break walls to be built up quickly without a wide base.

Designed to be built-up in thickness without scorching or foam splitting.

May be used in subterranean applications.

Has high structural & compressive strength providing strong inter-layer adhesion.

Attaches chemically to earth, rock, pipe, metal, tile, wood, etc.

Typical Applications

Gas / Oil Industry.

Pipeline Pillows.

Industrial Applications.


Agricultural Uses.

Spray Equipment

This product is designed to be sprayed with a plural component spray machine. If you’re thinking about getting into spray foam insulation, do it right. Graco’s complete line of Reactor equipment gives you the reliable performance your company demands. Don’t settle for anything less.

MSDS & Spec Sheets

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