Markets and Applications

Polyurea is a remarkable technology with a range of uses limited only by your imagination.

Polyurea can be used in a broad range of applications including corrosion protection, containment, membranes, linings and caulk. It can also be used in extreme conditions. Polyurea is 100% solids, making it compliant with VOC regulations. Perhaps its greatest advantage is that it sets up extremely quickly, allowing the applicator to build up a finished thickness in a single pass. This allows the owner to put the facility back in service many times faster than traditional coatings, saving days or even weeks of revenue lost to down-time.

Polyurea demonstrates exceptional physical characteristics such as high elongation, tensile strength, tear resistance and chemical resistance. It adheres tenaciously to a variety of different substrates (concrete, metals, wood and more) and in a wide range of temperature and humidity environments which has lead to rapid market acceptance and consistent growth in market share.

First developed in the early 80’s for use in the automotive industry due to their high strength and impact resistance, spray-able polyureas hit the market later that decade as a plural-component system that could be applied using less expensive, portable and commercially available equipment. In a world of increasing environmental awareness, polyurea proves to be an effective and economical choice for governments and businesses for their elastomeric and structural needs.

Polyurea Applications Are Almost Limitless

Coatings (Abrasion/Corrosion Protection)

  • Bridge coatings
  • Vehicle undercoating
  • Floating dock coatings
  • Pipelines for corrosion control
  • Pipe coatings for cathodic disbandment protection
  • Coating for pipe insulation fittings
  • Coating EPS (Expandable Polystyrene Foam) products
  • Street Sweepers
  • Abrasion resistance coating on dump trucks and mining equipment
  • Aircraft carrier decks, passageways and stairs
  • E.I.F.S. (Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems) base coat
  • Bus stops
  • Coat metal salt and sand spreaders
  • Roller conveyor
  • Fire water tankers protection of rush and stress cracks
  • Plastic pellet railcars – to prevent rust containment


  • Bedliners for pick-up trucks and commercial vehicles
  • Floors and walls of dairy barns
  • Silos for containment of coal, cement, chemicals, plastic pellets, etc.
  • Ambulance and emergency vehicle interior
  • Anti-stick coatings for end loader paddles at fly ash handling facility
  • Increase flow to turbine pumps (penstock)
  • Interiors of smoke stacks to prevent salt cake buildup
  • Aquaculture and horticulture ponds
  • Irrigation ditches, troughs and flumes
  • Water slides
  • Water dike, dam repair and waterproofing
  • Line sluice boxes
  • Liners for setting ponds
  • Lining for cement mixers, ready mix trucks and chutes
  • Preserving sandbags on embankments to prevent washouts


  • Foam Insulation coat for floor cushioning
  • Horse barn and horse trailer floors
  • Concrete sanitation process stations
  • Corrosion protection on parking elevators
  • Floors and troughs of hydroponic hot houses
  • In lieu of grout for concrete block containment
  • Clean room floors

Earthen Containment

  • Soil stabilization
  • Oil and Gas berms and dikes
  • Sand and snow dumps

Wood Coatings

  • Utility poles butts to prevent termite damage
  • Coating containment boxes for drilling mud
  • Laminate adhesive for high-impact plywood
  • Line ground-wood pump tanks


  • Bridge deck waterproofing
  • Temporary building repair
  • Traction surface for vertical tower training for firefighters
  • Highway and bridge overlays
  • Highway striping
  • Potting away light fixtures on air strips
  • Protect high voltage boom trucks from electrical conductivity
  • Sports courts and skateboard ramp surfaces

General Protection

  • Coat underside of brush planes to prevent rock damage
  • Coating trailers for hauling brine-soaked hides
  • Mine trough abrasion protection
  • Protect icebreaker ship bows
  • Protect saltwater ballast tanks on ships
  • Protect steel ice deflectors for bridge columns
  • Protection of sewage digester and clarifiers
  • Protection of surfaces in malt kilns


  • Membrane and barrier for mine uses
  • Line cable spools to prevent chaffing of wire and cable
  • Preservation of historic sandstone buildings
  • Replace FRP racecar body parts
  • Eliminate electrical conductivity on explosive off-loading
  • Line railcars for protection of products and prevent sticking during off-loading
  • Urine resistance for floors/walls of jail cells
  • Playground equipment lining
  • Protective elastomer for sprayed-in-place urethane foam
  • Rock shield for pipelines
  • Primed metal surfaces

Primary & Secondary Containment

  • Tank linings for primary/secondary containment
  • Spill containment for oil tanks/ tank farm
  • Secondary containment over geotextile fabric
  • Use on geotextile fabric between railroad tracks for containment of solids and fluids
  • Coat alternative fuel “down chute” to prevent sticking
  • Airport fueling valve pits


  • Asbestos and lead encapsulation
  • Macro encapsulation of hazardous debris and rubble
  • Gasket encapsulation
  • Encapsulate fatigue mats
  • Archeological digs
  • Radon and methane barrier
  • Rust encapsulation on barges and tanks


  • Fish holding tanks
  • Marine animal training tanks
  • Kayaks and canoes – coated fabric surfaces
  • Strut protection for hydrofoil watercraft
  • Coat/restore coating of pilings above and below water
  • Floating Docks and pontoons

Foam Coating

  • Hail, bird, traffic protection over PU Foam
  • Protect foam floatation billets from mechanical and hydrocarbon damage


  • Air walls in mining operations
  • Seal bottom of boathouse
  • Seal and lock screws, lap seams on metal building roofs
  • Seal voids and cracks on large tanks with bridging fabric
  • Seal lumber kiln dryers
  • Seal rigid insulation in deep sea applications against hydro static pressure
  • Seal clean rooms
  • Seal controlled atmosphere and nitrogen purges agricultural building
  • Seal ship holds before sailing to protect cargo
  • Seal heat brick on steam vessels and pipes

Joint Fill/Caulk

  • Grouting for concrete floors
  • Concrete joint filler

Roof Coatings

  • Roof coatings for metal decks
  • Coating roof shingles
  • Roof coatings for monolithic domes


  • Sealing manholes from water infiltration
  • Protect concrete sewer manholes from H2S


  • Theatrical props and movie sets
  • Custom water fountains
  • Preserving ice sculptures

Spray Molding

  • Low-cost molds and molded parts
  • “Short run” molded parts to save the cost of tooling for rotomold and vacuum form

Repair and Reconstruction

  • Repair and recoat PVC sheet lines
  • Repair railcars hatches
  • Reset railroad tie spikes