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Pinnacle gives new business owners unparalleled options when getting started in the spray foam and protective business. We provide a wide range of turnkey solutions. Weather you are looking for an in-plant or mobile system Pinnacle can provide a solution that will meet your needs. Pinnacle also provides a complete range of materials from foam insulation and roofing foam, to a selection of single and dual component coatings. A relationship with Pinnacle provides your business with the potential to scale into all the demands you may face.


Choosing to let Pinnacle help you build your business is a wise first step. Because many of our staff members started out as applicators, we have experience being in the field, obtaining jobs, working with the equipment and troubleshooting. That experience will be passed on to you not only during the development of your company, but also throughout its future.

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Spray Foam Opportunity

Spray Foam Insulation

With rising energy costs and growing demand to make buildings more energy-efficient, many contractors are thinking about adding spray foam insulation to their product offering. Spray foam insulation will continue to offer design professionals, builders and contractors high-performance alternatives to traditional insulation materials.

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INDY Bedliner Opportunity

Indy Truck Bedliners

The spray-on bedliner industry is growing rapidly. The demands for these products have increased dramatically over the last 10 years. Indy is looking to expand our network of authorized applicators in order to help meet this growing demand. To become a part of the multi-billion dollar industry, join the leader in spray-on bedliners, Indy.

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Protective Coatings Opportunity

Protective Coatings

Pinnacle offers a unique opportunity for exponential growth in the protective coatings industry like never before. Whether you are a new or existing coatings applicator, we provide a complete range of professional grade materials. A relationship with Pinnacle provides your business with the potential to scale into all the demands you may face.

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