Equipment 101

Equipment You Will Need To Start Spraying

This guide provides you with the information you will need to make the right choices for your business.


This machine heats and pressurizes the materials at the recommended ratio, temperature and pressure to create the chemical reaction, creating the spray foam or protective coating.

Spray Guns

The spray gun is used to apply the foam and coatings onto the wall or other substrate. The spray gun is important, because this is where the isocyanate and resin materials meet and react.

Feed Systems

The incoming feed system supplies the ISO and resin from bulk containers to your proportioner. Once the materials are heated and pressurized, the outgoing feed system delivers the materials to your spray gun.

Power Supply

Electrical power is required to run motors that drive pumps and support the auxiliary equipment needed to spray. It is very important to make sure that consistent power is supplied to your equipment.

Compressed Air Supply

Several types of air compressors are available: reciprocating air compressors, which produce compressed air utilizing a piston driven cylinder, and screw compressors, which produce compressed air using two intertwined cylinders.

Safety Gear

To prevent contact with liquids, mists, vapors, and atomized particulates you must wear proper respiratory protection and appropriate personal protective equipment during chemical handling and application.

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