Plural Component

graco-logoPerformance, control and accuracy for the ultimate plural-component proportioning solution. Graco’s industry leading line of Reactor proportioners features a variety of models to choose from based on application, heater capacity, flow rates and more. From entry-level models to high-output systems, there’s a Reactor proportioning system that’s ideal for your specific application.

High Production Systems

Graco’s line of hydraulic Reactors brings increased yield and performance to high-output spraying. Hydraulic systems are the choice of spraying professionals who want to reap the benefits of the latest spraying technologies and add productivity to boost their bottom line.

Top of the line system for high-production professionals

High-output applications

Provides superior, uninterrupted performance

Spray Foam Machines

Coating Machines

Mid Production Systems

Equipped with material data and system diagnostics, Reactor 2 & 3 Series proportioners provide total control. Advanced features provide longer equipment life, more uptime for your spray day and overall Graco reliability.

High value for great performance

Mid to high-output applications

Provides operator with material data and system diagnostics for total control

Entry Level Systems

Great for entry-level light industrial manufacturing, construction and other field-related spraying jobs. Dependable motors deliver efficient and consistent operation. Compact designs are portable, easy-to-move, and use less floor space.

Low to med-output applications

Maintains consistent output pressure for uniform spray pattern

Maintains consistent temperature control even when you’re spraying at maximum flow rates

Portable & Touch-up Systems

The Reactor E-10 and E-10 HP sprayers are ideal for plural-component spray, joint-fill jobs and touch-ups. With smart controls that are easy to setup and simple to operate, the E-10 and E-10 HP are a natural complement to any proportioning equipment line-up.

Ideal for small to medium projects

Fit through standard doorways and are easy to maneuver on the jobsite

Uses standard residential electrical outlet

Spray Foam Machines

Coating Machines

Spray Guns

Contractors throughout the world prefer Graco guns for their outstanding durability and reliable performance. Graco offers three gun types for spray foam and polyurea applications: liquid, air and mechanical purge.

The Fusion Air Purge is a plural component spray gun with quick release fluid handling

The Fusion CS sets itself apart from other sprayers by virtually eliminating drilling of the mix chambers

The Fusion Mechanical Purge is rugged, has easy mechanical cleaning, and superior mixing capabilities

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