PC Package 2

PC Package 2

Designed to enable you to quickly turn out commercial and industrial polyurea jobs and keep up with steady demand.

Powerful and extremely versatile, the PC Package 2 is the top choice of professional contractors. Its efficient design and effective price make this package a great choice for new or expanding businesses.

Built for the serious applicator, this package is setup to support up to six 55 gallon drums of chemical and has built its reputation on reliability, longevity and quality.

Designed for mid to high volume polyurea applications

From concrete protection to containment applications this package can do it all

Delivers the all day performance demanded in today’s competitive markets


This package is capable of processing up to 1 gallon per min of polyurea and can utilize up to 210 feet of hose.

40 kW

Diesel Generator

16 cfm

Air Compressor

310 ft

Max Hose Length

2 Gal

Max Output/min

Spray Rigs

Please see below for the spray rig options available with PC Package 2. We build a full line of spray rig configurations in addition to our ability to provide a limitless set of customization’s. Each of our spray rigs are a true turn-key, sustained, and custom tailored solution for your application.


Predator Spray Rig


Bulldog Spray Rig


Falcon Spray Rig


Boxer Spray Rig


With this package you can apply a variety of materials including pure polyurea and polyurea hybrids in a variety of formulations catering to different requirements for mechanical, physical and chemical properties. This equipment is also capable of applying a variety spray and pour foams, providing your business with the potential to scale into all the demands you may face.


Polyurea Hybrid

Z-3 Hybrid


Pure Polyurea



Polyurea Hybrid



Pure Polyurea



Chemical Resistant Polyurea

Z-7 ChemPro

Z-5 UV

Aliphatic Polyurea

Z-5 UV


Aluminized Polyurea



Pinnacle training solutions provide our customers with training and support needed to improve the skill of their applicators. The success of your business depends on the ability of your applicators. Good applicators can apply the maximum amount of material in the minimum amount of time. They operate machines safely, and they know how to cut down on unnecessary wear and tear.

On-Site Training

We recommend all new applicators take advantage of our on-site training. Elevate your applicators to higher levels of proficiency and get the full potential out of your equipment investment.

We train your applicators on all aspects of polyurea application including proper spray techniques, surface preparation, masking, repairs, equipment daily start-up and shutdown, troubleshooting and repair, health and safety

A skilled and experienced member of our team will come to your location. We then spend 2-4 days immersing you and your staff in the techniques, procedures and practices required to be a professional and productive installer.

Equipment Financing

Lease from $2,175 per month with zero down OAC*

Pinnacle is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of leasing programs to make the acquisition of your equipment easy, flexible and cost-effective.

Stretch your equipment dollars

Low monthly payments lets you maximize the type of equipment you can acquire. From entry-level models to high-output systems.

Budget more effectively

Leasing provides fixed monthly payments and a hedge against inflation. Your payments stay the same throughout the lease.

Pay as you go

Monthly payments better match revenues and expenses while allowing you to take advantage of the utility value that leasing provides.

100% financing

You can finance the full equipment acquisition cost allowing you to re-invest your company’s working capital back into your business/organization.

Conserve capital

Preserves your other lines of credit for operating needs.

Tax advantage cost savings

Most customers are able to write off their lease payments as a fully deductible tax expense. Check with your accounting professional.


Customize a lease structure to meet your specific needs and cash flows.

To learn more about the financing options available for your equipment needs, contact us at 1-800-901-0088. We look forward to working with your company and bringing you the very best products and service to enhance your business efforts.

* Monthly Equipment Lease Payment quotes are based on approved credit and subject to a full credit review and approval. In some cases the monthly payment may be higher than listed above due to system configuration, program requirements, the credit applicant’s business or personal credit profiles or time in business. Lease rates based on 60 month term with a $10 buyout, monthly payments are subject to applicable taxes.

Get into business, request your information package today.