ECOTITE™ APC is a fast set, rapid curing plural component aluminized polyurea spray applied lining for commercial and industrial roofing applications.

ECOTITE™ APC produces a tough, abrasion and chemical resistant film that can be applied to flat, vertical and overhead surfaces in a single or multiple pass application without sags or runs. This bondable, paintable, versatile product remains flexible in cold temperatures and contains UV stabilizers for enhanced UV stability.

It can be sprayed using high pressure plural component spray equipment. For proper application, it is essential to use approved plural component equipment.

Shore Hardness (D)

Tensile (PSI)

Elongation (%)

Key Features

Fast Cure – Can be walked on within minutes of being sprayed.

Water Proof – Prevents penetration of water.

Flexible – For long term impact and crack resistance.

Durable – High tensile strength, chemical and abrasion resistance.

Labor Savings – Required mils can be applied in one coat.

Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to most surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly – Meets VOC Regulations.

Typical Applications

Commercial and industrial roofing.

Recreational vehicle and trailer roofs.

Outdoor industrial or commercial surfaces.

Elastomeric coating designed to weatherproof polyurethane foam roofing systems.

Spray Equipment

This product is designed to be sprayed with a high pressure plural component spray machine. Graco’s selection of spray equipment for plural component materials is designed for low, medium, and high output applications. Graco Reactor Plural-Component Systems help you get the job done with superior results

MSDS & Spec Sheets

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