Spray Foam Certification

Spray Foam Insulation Certification

Our training program provides students with the certifications that are required to spray foam in Canada.

icon-requestOur training program provides the necessary in-class and practical application training, including the health and safety aspects, needed to work in commercial and residential construction. Our training program provides students with the certifications that are required to spray foam in Canada.

The goal of our programs are to give the skills required to be a professional and productive installer. Each individual will be given the attention they need from the different instructors with a variety of expertise on equipment, building science, building codes, applications and much more.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam that is applied in code approved applications in Canada needs to meet two criteria:

Product Standard (CAN/ULC-S705.1)

Pinnacles spray foam insulation products conform to CAN/ULC-S705.1 (including Amendments 1, 2 and 3). Our materials have been tested and evaluated by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre, a branch of the NRC) and comply with CCMC’s Technical Guide for Spray-in-Place Thermal Insulation.

Installation Standard (CAN/ULC-S705.2)

The National Building Code of Canada references the installation standard (CAN/ ULC S705.2) for the medium density spray polyurethane foam product, which requires that polyurethane foam sprayers be certified in order to apply the product. If you are new to the spray foam industry you must take the certification/training course and meet all of the requirements of the CAN/ULC S705.2 standards.

The training/certification course covers the CAN/ULC Standards, Building Codes, Health & Safety, Equipment Selection, Storage & Maintenance, Material Selection, Job-site Preparation, Site Testing Process, Quality Control and more. Each participant also spends time learning proper spray techniques for applying SPF insulation, completes a spray evaluation, density test evaluation and equipment evaluation. Upon successful completion attendees will receive an applicator card and be licensed to spray foam in Canada.

SPF Training courses offer:

  • A combination of hands-on and classroom training utilizing multimedia and Power Point in a professional classroom setting.
  • Expert training from skilled and experienced instructors.
  • A constantly updated curriculum targeted directly to Canadian SPF Installers.
  • Hands-on practice to simulate interior and exterior applications.
  • Simulated conditions for trouble shooting equipment failures and environmental requirements.
  • In-depth training in the Canadian Building Code references for SPF and the CAN/ULC Standards applicable.
  • A Contractor Reference Manual to keep.
  • Class size is limited for optimal learning conditions.

SPF Training Schedule

Pinnacle holds spray foam certification / training courses in our Abbotsford, BC office. For additional information or to sign-up for one of our training courses please call 1-800-901-0088.

March 6, 7 – 2019

UFC – PINNACLE Training Course

April 24, 25 – 2019

UFC – PINNACLE Training Course

June 3, 4 – 2019

UFC – PINNACLE Training Course

July 24, 25 - 2019

UFC – PINNACLE Training Course

September 11, 12 – 2019

UFC – PINNACLE Training Course

October 16, 17 – 2019

UFC – PINNACLE Training Course

November 20, 21 – 2019

UFC – PINNACLE Training Course

Class times run from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm each day. All fees must be received before a space can be reserved. A completed registration form must accompany your payment. Please contact us at 1-800-901-0088 to reserve your spot in the course.


Our SPF training programs are ISO/IEC 17024:2012 compliant. Programs are accredited by IAS.

To sign up for our spray foam training please call us at 1-800-901-0088