Spray Rig FAQs

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We build a full line of spray rig configurations in addition to our ability to provide a limitless set of customization’s.

Spray Rig FAQs

Browse our selection of frequently asked questions, if you still can’t find the answer to your questions, please contact us at 1-800-901-0088, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Throughout the sales process, the build and the life of the rig, Pinnacle stands behind and supports you. Our experienced sales staff will make sure you are getting the right rig for your needs today and those of the future.

Pinnacle’s production team takes absolute pride in building the highest quality rigs, offering maximum mobility, durability and serviceability. Each of our spray rigs are subjected to a rigorous 36-point check to ensure the prompt and accurate delivery of our industry’s most premium and reliable rigs available.

Each of our spray rigs are a true turn-key, sustained, custom tailored solution for your application and include all necessary spray equipment, safety gear, tools and supplies including generator and compressor.

Our trailers are custom built and include insulation in the walls and ceiling, separate compartments for the generator and compressor and a shore powered heating package. Our spray rigs are some of the most fully featured rigs available on the market including many items not found in other rigs.

Successful contractors know that their profits largely depend on job efficiency. Job efficiency in turn depends on proper spray equipment. All of our spray rigs are built exclusively with genuine Graco spray equipment.

PROLIGHT – Setup for residential and light commercial spray foam insulation.
PREDATOR, BULLDOGi & BOXERi – Setup for residential, commercial & light roofing spray foam & coatings.
SUMMIT, FALCON & BOXER – Setup for high volume residential, commercial & roofing spray foam and coatings.

At the heart of your foam insulation business is the proportioner. This machine heats and pressurizes isocyanate (“A-Side”) and resin (“B-Side”) materials at recommended ratios to create a chemical reaction, creating foam. Proportioners come in a variety of pump styles and outputs depending on volumes required for specific applications.

The drive system (electric or hydraulic) is what forces the metering pumps to go up and down, or back and forth. The metering pumps are the pumps that proportion, or ratio, the materials and move them out through the machine and hoses to the gun. Electric drives are the most popular proportioning systems and are designed for mid- to high-output applications. Hydraulic drives provide superior, uninterrupted performance and are designed for high-output applications.

Air purge guns are the most commonly used guns in the residential foam market and use a blast of compressed air to keep the mixing chamber clean.

Mechanical purge guns use a steel rod to physically push any residual material out of the mix chamber to keep it clean.

Liquid purge guns use a liquid that is dispensed into the mix chamber at each trigger pull, removing built-up material and keeping the mix chamber clean.

(The mixing chamber is the area where the ISO and resin materials meet and mix. The mixing chamber needs to stay as clean as possible to maintain good material properties and a consistent spray pattern)

Depends on budget and application/volume required. For residential and light commercial applications most applicators use the Graco Reactor E-Series machines. For high volume commercial and roofing applications the Graco Reactor H-Series is recommended.

Most foams are applied at lower pressures, 1000 to 1500 psi, and lower temperatures, 95° F to 140° F, while protective coatings require higher pressures, 1800 to 2500 psi, and higher temperatures, 150° F to 170° F. All Graco Reactors carrying the “XP” designation in the model name are capable of higher pressures and have larger heaters (Example: Reactor E-XP2 or Reactor H-XP3) giving them the ability to spray both 1:1 foams and coatings.

As with all mechanical equipment maintenance is required, Graco proportioners, spray guns, transfer pumps, and accessories are engineered to reduce material waste, simplify your daily maintenance routine – and best of all, make your business more profitable.

PROLIGHT – Most full size ½ ton trucks.
PREDATOR, FALCON, BULLDOGi & SUMMIT – 1 ton or larger.
(Use an appropriately rated tow hitch and insure the brake controller, lights and safety equipment are all in good working order.)

Our resident technicians have many years behind the trigger and have been part of spray foam applications ranging from insulation jobs to artistic applications. We are an authorized warranty center for the Graco spray systems that we sell as well provide a multitude of other services.

We have a dedicated technical support team available at our local offices at 1-800-901-0088. Even better, trouble-shooting by phone is free for our customers.

We have a large inventory of spare parts on hand and, if required, the technical staff to install them for you.

Pinnacle understands that getting into any business is not an easy process and we strive to help break that trend. Offering a complete line of spray rigs, equipment, parts and service is the key to our business and now we have also expanded our reach by helping provide financing for your purchases. We work with many financing companies and each has their unique benefits. We will get you in contact with the best suited company for your particular needs.

Have additional questions? Call us toll-free 1-800-901-0088.