Foam Overview

Pinnacle is your single-source solution

We offer a complete range of foam insulation solutions that are specifically engineered to meet the toughest standards.


ECOTITE™ 2.0 is a CCMC approved, two pound, closed cell insulation system. Designed for use in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.


ECOTITE™ 3.0 is a rigid, closed-cell, three pound roofing foam. It provides high compressive strengths that increase durability, endure foot traffic, and resist impact and storm damage.


This closed cell foam is designed to provide: excellent thermal performance; air impermeable insulation; and, an integral part of an air barrier assembly. Meets or exceeds the requirements of CAN/ULC-705.1.

GACO OnePass 1850

GacoOnePass is a two component HFC-blown liquid spray system that cures to a medium-density rigid cellular polyurethane insulation material. Can be installed up to 5 1/2” (140 mm) in one pass.


ECOBAY OC is a CCMC approved, half pound, open cell insulation system. It stands apart from its closed cell counterpart with its superior sound absorption characteristics.


ECOTITE™ PIP is a closed cell pour in place foam insulation and is available in two and four pound densities. It is specifically designed to fill and insulate blind voids and cavities.


ECOTITE™ MAX LIFT is a two pound, closed cell insulation system. This high performance foam is specifically created for use on tanks, pipelines, and other industrial applications.


ECOTITE™ SJ closed cell slab jacking foam works to not only stabilize the soil underneath a foundation or slab, but can lift the concrete back to proper level alignment.


ECOTITE™ DB ditch break foam is the best option for the diversion and control of water in sub-surface environments. Developed for pipeline and other below grade applications.


ECOTITE™ HI-TEMP is a closed-cell, 245fa blown SPF insulation created for continuous in-service temperatures of up to 285 °F (141 °C) and down to -76 °F (-60 °C).

You Can Count On Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a single-source solution for all of your spray foam insulation needs. We distribute open and closed-cell spray foam insulation systems in a variety of densities. Pinnacle is proud to deliver CAN/ULC certified products to the Canadian spray foam insulation industry.

We offer a complete range of spray foam insulation solutions that are code certified and CCMC approved in Canada. Our selection of spray foam insulation products are specifically engineered to meet the toughest building code standards.

Spray foam insulation products deliver exceptional job-site value that will ultimately help build repeat business and your own bottom line. Our products are designed to be technically superior and provide benefits that will save you both time and money.

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