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This is the perfect opportunity for existing tradespeople who already have experience in the residential, commercial or industrial construction industry. This can also be a great fit for entrepreneurs who have passion for construction and want to explore this booming industry.

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The startup investment will be comprised of several items including equipment, materials, training and marketing.


Pinnacle can build a custom equipment package for your application. Each package is carefully planned to allow for the widest range of customization’s available based your needs. In-plant or mobile, our spray packages integrate all of the necessary tools and equipment needed for your spray application in a turnkey system.


Pinnacle provides a complete range of materials from foam insulation and roofing foam, to a selection of single and dual component coatings. A relationship with Pinnacle provides your business with the potential to scale into all the demands you may face.


The success of your business depends on the ability of your applicators. Good applicators can apply the maximum amount of material in the minimum amount of time. A selection of training programs are available and cover aspects of technical maintenance, and application of the spray foam and protective coating products.


The most important aspect of becoming of successful spray foam and protective coating contractor is often the most overlooked. Pinnacle customers have access to order customer marketing literature to help subsidize your business marketing efforts.

Find out how our product solutions can help expand your business, 1-800-901-0088.