Pinnacle provides a complete range of materials

A relationship with Pinnacle provides your business with the potential to scale into all the demands you may face.

Spray / Pour Foam

Pinnacle is a single-source solution for all of your foam insulation needs. We distribute open and closed-cell spray foam insulation systems in a variety of densities. We offer a complete range of spray foam insulation solutions that are code certified and CCMC approved in Canada. Our selection of spray foam insulation products are specifically engineered to meet the toughest building code standards.

Spray foam insulation products deliver exceptional job-site value that will ultimately help build repeat business and your own bottom line. Our products are designed to be technically superior and provide benefits that will save you both time and money.

Protective Coatings

Pinnacle’s selection of elastomeric industrial coatings are designed to meet a variety of coating challenges. Whether it is a coating solution to withstand saltwater and electrical current, or bridge coating for waterproofing and corrosion resistance, Pinnacle has industrial coatings that meet the toughest challenges.

Traditional industrial coating solutions such as paint or powder coating are cosmetic in nature when compared to the value that elastomeric coatings provide. Elastomeric coatings have longer life spans, higher performance and lower maintenance costs than traditional alternatives. They may be easily applied to a wide range of materials including; metal, wood, concrete, masonry, floatation foams and more.


Increase productivity and reduce operating costs with Pinnacle’s full line of plural-component proportioners, pumps, spray guns and accessories designed to spray polyurethane foam insulation, polyurea/polyurethane coatings, polyaspartic coatings and other plural-component materials.

We are an authorized Graco spray equipment distributor and have a large selection of spray equipment, parts and supplies ready to ship. From entry-level models to high-output systems, Pinnacle has a proportioning system that’s ideal for your specific application.

Spray Rigs

Pinnacle is the industry’s leader in the production of spray foam and coatings rigs. We build a full line of spray rig configurations in addition to our ability to provide a limitless set of customization’s. Each of our spray rigs are a true turn-key, sustained, and custom tailored solution for your application.

Our rigs are built with the highest set of quality guidelines and are produced to be durable and user-friendly. Pinnacle is dedicated to customer support and service which we deliver to the fullest extent with each purchase of one of our spray rigs. Take a look through our different classes of rigs to find the right solution for your needs.

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