Reactor 2 E-30i

Reactor 2 E-30i

Ready for your jobsite or spray rig – right out of the box. The E-30i Integrated Reactor proportioning system combines an electric Reactor and a diesel generator into one package.

Improves productivity with advanced features and easy to use controls

Easy to operate Advanced Display Module interface

Graco InSite – Remote Reporting Technology (Included on all Integrated models)

Fast material heating gets you up and running quicker

Quick Specs

2000 psi

Max Pressure

310 ft (94 m)

Max Hose Length

180°F (82°C)

Max Fluid Temp


kW Heaters

30 lb (14 kg)

Max Output/min




Detailed Specs

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
2000 psi (138 bar, 13.8 MPa)

Minimum Fluid Working Pressure

Primary Heater Power
4.0 kW

Maximum Fluid Temperature
150° F (65° C) no Booster Heat
180° F (82° C) with Booster Heat

Maximum Output
30 lb (13.6 kg)/min

Output Per Cycle (A and B)
0.0272 Gallon (0.1029 Liter)

Without Compressor
Aux. power available: 52A at 240V
Aux. power available: 35A at 240V
(With Booster Heat)

With Compressor
Aux. power available: 22A at 240V
Aux. power available: 5A at 240V
(With Booster Heat)

Engine: Perkins 404-22G, 2.2 L, 29 HP
Generator: Mecc Alte 22 kW, 240V, 1-ph

1750 lb (793.7 kg) – without compressor
2200 lb (998 kg) – with compressor

Fluid Inlets
3/4 npt(f), 300 psi maximum

Fluid Outlets
Component A (ISO)
#8 1/2 in. JIC, with #5 5/16 in. JIC adapter
Component B (RES)
#10 5/8 in. JIC, with #6 3/8 in. JIC adapter

Fluid Circulation Ports
1/4 npsm(m) 250 psi

Sound Power, per ISO 9614–2
91.0 dB(A)

Parts and Supplies

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Spray Rigs

The Graco Reactor 2 E-30i is also available in the following turn-key spray rigs. We build a full line of spray rig configurations in addition to our ability to provide a limitless set of customization’s. Each of our spray rigs are a true turn-key, sustained, and custom tailored solution for your application.


Bulldog Spray Rig


Boxer Spray Rig

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